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The Governor


Let me share with you some thoughts on my vision for the province of Camarines Norte in this web page.

We all feel the urgency to prioritize job generation that will provide opportunities for our people for them to be economically empowered and break free from the cycle of poverty.

We feel the magnitude of the need to stimulate development, accelerate growth, alleviate poverty and achieve a sustained competitiveness in order to provide the strongest and most consistent policy environment that prioritizes people's welfare to make them resilient to present and future shocks.

My administration now is hard at work to improve the quality of life of our people through forward-looking policies and concrete programs that spur growth and foster investor confidence. The government can only absorb so much in terms of providing employment to a qualified workforce. It is the private sector that will have a limitless capacity to create job opportunities which will be instrumental in expanding the size of the middle class population and uplifting the living conditions of many of our impoverished people.

We in the provincial government will create the most conducive environment for investments through predictable and reasonable policies as well as infrastructure requirements such as power and water utilities, fast and stable connectivity and road arteries that would facilitate access and travels.

We envision to make a quantum leap in areas of resource and revenue mobilization, enhancement of delivery of basic services, addressing the challenges of climate change and beefing up of agribusiness and industrial facilities through our local industrial yards in our own economic and export processing zones.

All these are anchored on my agenda for governance. My comprehensive five-point agenda are by no means wishful thinking because they are all doable, realistic, pragmatic and attainable.

Let us now go down into the brass tacks of my five-point agenda. Please take note that this will be my Policy Statement as well as my focus of priorities for the next three years.


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