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The Governor


FIRST, off is Environment. This covers strategic land use plan, sustainable mining, disaster risk management and resiliency and climate change adaptation.

SECOND, is Social Development. This will zero in on the enrichment of culture and heritage, educational priorities, social welfare and protection, enhancement of health care system and social inclusion.

THIRD, is the highly significant Economic Development. Economic development shall be pursued by way of investment promotions, agricultural & fishery development, food security, micro, small and-medium enterprises promotion, advancement of trade and industry and tourism refinement.

FOURTH, is Infrastructure Development. Of utmost priority here are digital infrastructure, road network development, electrification, power as well as clean energy development.

FIFTH. is Human Capital Development. Emphasis here will be given to strategic  acquisition and learning, performance management, rewards and recognition, proper recruitment and human resource administration, and peace, security and social order.

These development priorities should be driven by the Strategic Governance Tripod to be followed by the entire workforce, namely:

One, Ethical Governance Policies and Practices which includes transparency, accountability and participation.

Two, Sound Fiscal Policy and Discipline through rational prioritization and fiscal prudence.

And lastly, an Operative System of Justice and Fairness for all.

These are both my guiding principles and my commitment to our people and to God.

These are the tasks of our time, these are what we owe to the great heroes of our history.

A new hope has just dawned in our province.

Let us make Camarines Norte free from poverty and corruption, free from abuse of power, free from horse trading and influence peddling, free from environmental degradation, free from malnutrition and hunger, free from crime and illegal drugs, free from ignorance and indifference.

Lastly, let us remember that our ultimate weapons to succeed are our values. These are honesty and hard work, loyalty and patriotism, courage and fairplay.

They are the quiet force of progress throughout history.

They are our guarantee for our full measure of success.

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