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   The Provincial Government College Educational Assistance Program is a continuing program of the provincial government that is open to financially handicapped but deserving students covering degree or non-degree tertiary level course as provided under Provincial Ordinance No. 02-01, as amended. This is in keeping with the constitutional mandate to provide opportunities for the wholesome development of the youth and to harness their full potentials.


  1. General Average of 83% for Incoming First Year College (Submit Original and Machine Copy of Report Card), General Average of 85% for In-College (Submit Certificate of Grades duly signed by school authority), General Average of 80% for In-College-Engineering Course (Submit Certificate of Grades), General Average of 78% for PWD Applicants.
  2. Belongs to an Indigent Family (Submit CERTIFICATE OF INDIGENCY FROM MSWDO or Xerox copy of BIR Income Tax Return.
  3. Certificate of Residency and Barangay Clearance issued by Barangay Captain
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character or Guidance Counselor
  5. Application Letter addressed to the Governor as PGCEAP Committee Chairman.

    *Please submit said documents in a Long Folder with fastener.


  • PWDS- Please submit also Medical Report as to Disability and Recommendation from PSWDO/ Provincial Council on Disability Affairs
  • ATHLETIC and ACADEMIC CONTESTANT WINNERS- Certification from DepEd, other supporting documents
  • FOR STUDENTS WITH HIGHEST HONOR- Form 138 and or Certification from Principal
  • ALS A and E Passers- Diploma and Report of Rating
  • SOLO PARENT – Certification from Barangay and MSWDO



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