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The Vice Governor


Born and raised in Labo, Camarines Norte, Joseph Villaverde Ascutia, lived a simple and humble life and experienced the most prevalent uphill battle of being a member of a big family. Knowing that education is his only way out of poverty, despite the struggles, he worked hard to reach his goals and dreams. After earning his license as an Electrical Engineer, he then received his Master of Business Administration from Ateneo de Manila University and established his own freight transport company. He was then able to travel abroad and noticed the rapid economic development of other countries and realized he want this for his own country.

Prior to becoming a Multi-Awarded Public Official of his hometown, he was the President of Rotary Club of Kamuning Central from 2006 to 2007 and currently a member of Rotary Club of Balintawak – Quezon City and JCI Labo Niogan Philippines, organizations that focuses on Community Services hence, intensifying his passion on serving the community.

His fellow Laboeños recognized this passion and elected him as the Municipal Mayor of Labo from 2013 to 2022 and received multiple awards including; Financial Housekeeping Region V Passer (DILG Region V, 2021); Gawad Brigada Diamond Award (DepEd Region V, 2021); Special Recognition Award Best Practice in RCSP Barangayan Implementation (DILG Region V, 2020); featured in the League of Municipalities of the Philippines Magazine as Humble Mayor (Issue of August – September, 2018); One of the Ten (10) Most Outstanding Local Chief Executive in Community Driven Development Implementation (DILG – KALAHI CIDDS, Regional Office, 2016); Top Performing LGU in Bicol Region in the Implementation of Health – Related Programs, Projects and Activities (DOH Bicol Region, 2015); Seal of Child-Friendly Local Government Holder (Council for the Welfare of Children – NationalLevel, 2014).

Under his governance, Labo was also recognized by Commission on Audit as the Wealthiest Municipality in Camarines Norte and 2nd in the entire Bicol Region in the year 2021. Even his fellow Municipal Mayors noticed his strong leadership; he was elected as the President of League of Municipalities of the Philippines – Camarines Norte Chapter.

Renowned for his down to earth and humorous personality, he proved his courage by voicing out the unheard cries of the people and fight against a more powerful political figure for which he was suspended thrice during his last term as the Municipal Mayor of Labo. CamNorteños admire and respects him for his dedication to stand for what is right, many has supported him for his political campaign. He won a landslide victory in the May 9, 2022 election. He is now, Vice Governor Engr. JosephV.Ascutia ofthe Province of Camarines Norte.

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The Governor


Let me share with you some thoughts on my vision for the province of Camarines Norte in this web page.

We all feel the urgency to prioritize job generation that will provide opportunities for our people for them to be economically empowered and break free from the cycle of poverty.

We feel the magnitude of the need to stimulate development, accelerate growth, alleviate poverty and achieve a sustained competitiveness in order to provide the strongest and most consistent policy environment that prioritizes people's welfare to make them resilient to present and future shocks.

My administration now is hard at work to improve the quality of life of our people through forward-looking policies and concrete programs that spur growth and foster investor confidence. The government can only absorb so much in terms of providing employment to a qualified workforce. It is the private sector that will have a limitless capacity to create job opportunities which will be instrumental in expanding the size of the middle class population and uplifting the living conditions of many of our impoverished people.

We in the provincial government will create the most conducive environment for investments through predictable and reasonable policies as well as infrastructure requirements such as power and water utilities, fast and stable connectivity and road arteries that would facilitate access and travels.

We envision to make a quantum leap in areas of resource and revenue mobilization, enhancement of delivery of basic services, addressing the challenges of climate change and beefing up of agribusiness and industrial facilities through our local industrial yards in our own economic and export processing zones.

All these are anchored on my agenda for governance. My comprehensive five-point agenda are by no means wishful thinking because they are all doable, realistic, pragmatic and attainable.

Let us now go down into the brass tacks of my five-point agenda. Please take note that this will be my Policy Statement as well as my focus of priorities for the next three years.


The Governor


FIRST, off is Environment. This covers strategic land use plan, sustainable mining, disaster risk management and resiliency and climate change adaptation.

SECOND, is Social Development. This will zero in on the enrichment of culture and heritage, educational priorities, social welfare and protection, enhancement of health care system and social inclusion.

THIRD, is the highly significant Economic Development. Economic development shall be pursued by way of investment promotions, agricultural & fishery development, food security, micro, small and-medium enterprises promotion, advancement of trade and industry and tourism refinement.

FOURTH, is Infrastructure Development. Of utmost priority here are digital infrastructure, road network development, electrification, power as well as clean energy development.

FIFTH. is Human Capital Development. Emphasis here will be given to strategic  acquisition and learning, performance management, rewards and recognition, proper recruitment and human resource administration, and peace, security and social order.

These development priorities should be driven by the Strategic Governance Tripod to be followed by the entire workforce, namely:

One, Ethical Governance Policies and Practices which includes transparency, accountability and participation.

Two, Sound Fiscal Policy and Discipline through rational prioritization and fiscal prudence.

And lastly, an Operative System of Justice and Fairness for all.

These are both my guiding principles and my commitment to our people and to God.

These are the tasks of our time, these are what we owe to the great heroes of our history.

A new hope has just dawned in our province.

Let us make Camarines Norte free from poverty and corruption, free from abuse of power, free from horse trading and influence peddling, free from environmental degradation, free from malnutrition and hunger, free from crime and illegal drugs, free from ignorance and indifference.

Lastly, let us remember that our ultimate weapons to succeed are our values. These are honesty and hard work, loyalty and patriotism, courage and fairplay.

They are the quiet force of progress throughout history.

They are our guarantee for our full measure of success.

The Governor


A scion of a political figure in the Province of Camarines Norte, Gov. Dong Padilla is known for his ethical and transformational leadership. His management style is imbued with delineating his personal and professional interests which for him should not interface. Albeit, conscious that those two aspects of life are not mutually exclusive, because they somehow feed each other, he always makes it a point to set aside his personal considerations in favor of his professional commitment.

This was clearly manifested during his three-term uninterrupted stint as a mayor which saw him maintain a clear, uninterrupted connection to his core galvanizing vision and values which are summed up in a sense of perspective that upholds the interests of his constituents. In other words, he has a high sense of value for the common good which is nothing but the improvement of the well-being of every individual in society so that they could attain their fullest potentials

Gov. Dong grew up in an environment where public service is a daily fare. His family traces its roots to the former Governor of the province of Bulacan in the olden times, Gov.Jose Padilla, Sr. whose son by the way, happens to be his father, Roy B. Padilla, Sr., himself a former Governor of Camarines Norte, Mayor, SSS Commissioner, Assemblyman and delegate to the United Nations International Labor Organization.

His brother, Former Governor Roy Padilla, Jr. was a three-term Chief Executive of this province, also a former congressman. He has two brothers who were erstwhile mayors of the municipality of Jose Panganiban, they were, Ronnie Padilla and Roger Padilla. Recently, another brother of Gov. Dong got the highest number of votes for senatorial hopefuls nationwide, he is now Senator Robin Padilla, an actor-turned-politician.

This only shows that Gov. Dong is not alien to politics. But just like his siblings and ancestors, he never made politics as a tool for personal aggrandizement. He strived to detach and to subordinate his self interests to that of the public whom he is sworn to serve and to hold as sacrosanct and inviolable.

He never ever allowed during his incumbency as a mayor to have his name and his image emblazoned in any of the projects or vehicles which were funded by the people's money. His sense of delicadeza runs high in his personal and official trademark.

His decision to throw his hat into gubernatorial race sans a well-oiled campaign machinery was motivated primarily by his heartfelt and genuine desire to serve and not to be served, to help and to champion those who are at the fringes of society (mga nasa laylayan) and to be an instrument to advance the total human development of all CamNorteños.

His is a principle that points to the people as the boss and not the functionaries of the government.

Today, his grand ambition for the province and for the people is set to take shape as he hits the ground running, so to speak, so that everyone would share both the burden and, more importantly, the benefits of socio-economic development provincewide.

He envisions Camarines Norte to be full of vibrancy, of vigor in society, of vitality in governance. In short, he is telling everyone the world over: "Let's celebrate life in Camarines Norte!."

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