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Today more than ever before, it is but timely to shed light on a long-held but unarticulated ideology that has shaped the struggles of the brave souls who perished during the bloody confrontations with foreign powers of the past.

This ideology, known as the Camnorteño ideology or credo, has emerged as the ideological overtone of our collective history. As we find ourselves in a vantage point of time, blessed with the freedom and opportunity to articulate this ideology, it becomes imperative that we define it for the sake of the various categories of our current generation.

We are fortunate to possess the benefit of hindsight, allowing us to perceive with greater clarity the true identity of the people of Camarines Norte. We trace our roots back to the historical womb of the greatest local heroes, who personified the unwavering spirit of our province. Among them, we find the indomitable figures of Jose Maria Panganiban, General Vicente Lukban, and Wenceslao Q. Vinzons.

These remarkable individuals fought tooth and nail for our struggling nation, guided by a clear vision of Filipino dignity, freedom, and equality. Their lives and literature serve to interminably inspire countless Filipinos because of their sacrifices and heroic feats that resulted to a free and independent nation.

Embedded within the hearts of these heroes burned the ideals that had become their beacons. Amidst the indifference, apathy, and lethargy of their contemporaries, they carried the torch of hope.

Their unwavering commitment to our nation became a rallying cry, reminding us of the essence of our Filipino soul. Today, we are called upon to reclaim that soul, to foster an identity deeply rooted in patriotism and love for our beloved province of Camarines Norte.

The Camnorteño ideology embodies a profound and unwavering passion for our nation. It calls for the reinvigoration of this fervor in the hearts and minds of our people. It is an ideology that cherishes our rich heritage, embraces our unique cultural tapestry, and acknowledges the sacrifices of our ancestors. It compels us to rise above mediocrity, to strive for excellence in all our endeavors, and to forge a brighter future for generations to come.

Within the Camnorteño ideology, we find the seeds of unity, inclusivity, and progress. It recognizes that the strength of a nation lies in the collective efforts of its people, regardless of social status or background. It calls for the eradication of divisive barriers and the creation of a society where opportunities are accessible to all. It demands that we work tirelessly to uplift the marginalized, empower the oppressed, and ensure that no Camnorteño is left behind.

As we articulate this ideology today, let it serve as a guiding light for our province. Let it inspire us to transcend petty differences and work towards a common purpose. Let it remind us of the sacrifices made by those who came before us and the responsibility we bear to honor their memory. Let it fuel our determination to build a Camarines Norte that thrives in all aspects, be it education, economy, or governance.

It is high time that we seize this moment to define and embrace the Camnorteño ideology. We have to breathe life into the ideals that have shaped our history. So that we can usher in an era of unity, progress, and pride for our province. It is incumbent upon us to forge a future where the Camnorteño spirit burns brightly within each and every one of us.


Museum Curator I
Museum, Archives and Shrine Curation Division

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