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Mercedes, officially the Municipality of Mercedes, is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Camarines Norte, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 50,841 people.



Since Spanish time this town has been called “Bara” of Mercedes. How these names had been chosen, the following have been given credence by the people. Since time immemorial, this place had already been a port of trading vessels both native and foreign. In those days working on ships and loading and unloading of cargos was a lucrative trade unlike now that the source of livelihood depends mainly on fishing. More often, when a vessels is entering the harbor its runs a ground due to ignorance of the pilit canal leading to the wharf or due to inclement weather. This grounding of vessels was in a native dialect “NABARA”, and because this incident is frequently happening in the place the word “NABARA” of “BARRA” for short became so popular. How Mercedes happened to be its present name this version is also popular.

Once upon a time, a Spanish vessels with the captain’s wife Doña Mercedes, aboard also run aground in the bay. The ship was kept in the bay for a few days, the good Doña was a truly virtuous woman who possessed all the attributes that endeared her to the people, particularly to the poor and unfortunate whom the good Doña seemed to have a special soft spot in her heart. When she died, as she became a resident of the place, in gratitude and in memory of her, the people decided to call the place “Mercedes” although the old name Barra persist to remain up to the present. This town is blessed by Saint Anthony of Padua as patron saint.


Mercedes is politically subdivided into 26 barangays.

  • Apuao
  • Barangay I (Poblacion)
  • Barangay II (Poblacion)
  • Barangay III (Poblacion)
  • Barangay IV (Poblacion)
  • Barangay V (Poblacion)
  • Barangay VI (Poblacion)
  • Barangay VII (Poblacion)
  • Caringo
  • Catandunganon
  • Cayucyucan
  • Colasi
  • Del Rosario (Tagongtong)
  • Gaboc
  • Hamoraon
  • Hinipaan
  • Lalawigan
  • Lanot
  • Mambungalon
  • Manguisoc
  • Masalongsalong
  • Matoogtoog
  • Pambuhan
  • Quinapaguian
  • San Roque
  • Tarum


Population census of Mercedes
Year Pop. ±% p.a.
1948 7,247 —    
1960 13,983 +5.63%
1970 19,674 +3.47%
1975 25,161 +5.06%
1980 27,645 +1.90%
1990 34,300 +2.18%
1995 38,641 +2.26%
2000 41,713 +1.65%
2007 44,375 +0.86%
2010 47,674 +2.64%
2015 50,841 +1.23%
Source: Philippine Statistics Authority

In the 2015 census, the population of Mercedes, Camarines Norte, was 50,841 people, with a density of 290 inhabitants per square kilometre or 750 inhabitants per square mile.


  • Mercedes Central School
  • Mercedes High School (San Roque)
  • Manguisoc National High School
  • Camarines Norte State College - Mercedes Campus (formerly Mercedes School of Fisheries)
  • Tagongtong Elementary School
  • San Roque National High School
  • Don Pablo S Villafuerte National High School
  • Claro Ibasco Elementary School
  • joseph Ibasco Elem. School
  • Quinapaguian Elem. School
  • Lope Manlangit Elem. School
  • Mambungalon Elem. School
  • Cayucyucan Elem. School
  • Pambuhan Elem School
  • Gaboc Elementary School
  • Lalawigan Elem. School
  • San Roque Elem. School
  • Manguisoc Elem. School
  • Tarum Elem. School
  • Colasi Elem. School
  • Hamoraon Elem. School
  • Lanot Elem. School
  • Mansalongsalong
  • Mantoogtoog Elem. School
  • Hinipaan·Elem. School



  • Colasi Falls - barangay Colasi
  • Malunay Falls - sitio Malunay
  • Bahaw Falls - barangay Hamoraon
  • Hinipaan Falls - barangay Hinipaan


SOURCE: Camarines Norte Museum Archived Shrine and Curation Division

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